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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Cabin Fever.

I know somebody who is really looking forward to the return of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Bet you’llView full post »

His Request.

It never fails. Every afternoon when Deke wakes up from his nap, he always request soup to eat. Doesn’t matterView full post »

The Simple Things.

Who knew a plastic suction cup could be so much fun 🙂View full post »


With a face like that how could you not fall in love quickly.View full post »

Never Ending.

Just when I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel there’s always more….View full post »

State of Emergency.

We were in a state of emergency this morning. One of us almost suffered a heart attack……and it wasn’tView full post »

Apologies and a Picture.

I have to apologize to my blog readers for being such a slacker lately. With moving into our new house, doctor’sView full post »


Maybe just a little 🙂 UPDATE: for those of you who are confused about this post, he was being stubborn and notView full post »

2 Months.

Owen, today you are 2 months old! You weigh 11.6 lbs You are  23.5 inches long You eat every two hours YouView full post »

Going Vintage.

I was recently on (gasp!) and I stumbled upon this adorable vintage sundress circa. 1970 I’ve neverView full post »

Who Knew.

Forget about all the money spent on pirate squirt toys, a basketball hoop and Crayola bath timeView full post »

Rockin’ the Guitar.

Somebody likes the “etar” He’s also a huge fan of Guitar Hero II He tried really hard to hitView full post »

In Need.

I was in need of  a new picture of me and my baby boy in his new big boy room I might be a bit biased, but he’sView full post »

Making the Transition.

Yep, we have moved Deke to his big boy bed and I had to post pictures of his new big boy bedding He loves “CatView full post »